Red Pandas live in the dense bamboo forests of south-western China. The bamboo forests are dominated by shrubs, grasses, and herbs. These mammals spend a majority of their time sleeping in the trees. They are crepuscular animals, which means they are active at all times of the day. They feed on a lot of bamboo leaves, plant roots, seeds, and acorns. Though they ear a variety of different things, they are so picky that they won't eat dead or partially dead leaves. Also, they do not have a gut that can digest the energy-rich cellulose walls that make up bamboo shoots.


Red Pandas participate in a lot of interactions with organisms. They are predators to small insects and grubs, but prey for snow leopards and clouded leopards. Thankfully they are safe in the canopies of the bamboo trees. Unfortunately, the biggest enemy of the Red Pandas are people. They were hunted for their fur, skins, and tails. The fact that poaching is now illegal doesn't even help them. They are show or caught in traps set up for other animals. The deforestation of all of the tropical forests also plays a role in how unsafe Red Pandas are in this day and age. They need to have some adaptation to help them not get extinct.